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Engage. Persuade. Convert.

I have been writing copy for over 20 years. My pen-wielding began as a radio copywriter working for Radio New Zealand. It was here I learnt how to output high volumes of copy on a daily basis. Then I graduated to agency copywriting, working for FCB, Saatchi & Saatchi, Imagic Graphics (who I still do a lot of work for) and finally going into business for myself.

I write to engage by grabbing the reader’s attention. To persuade by presenting cogent narrative. Most importantly, I write to convert readers into loyal brand followers.

“Andie is a gifted freelance creative, we use him for; ideation, writing, video direction and facilitating creative processes with clients. Andie is an artist with words. He has particular strengths in light or humorous writing, character pieces, human insight, emotive or heart pieces and simplifying complex technical messages.”

Troy Sugrue, Creative Director, Uno Loco